Investment and constant improvement of the structure:

The Zeppini Group has adopted the Corporate Governance model that combines the familiar stock control to a professional management structure, focusing on perpetuating the business, identify and support professionally investment in new opportunities to provide sustainable growth to its companies, identify and mitigate risks to investors and identify and prepare talents to the succession process.

The system of governance applied by the Zeppini Group have a booklet that aims to distribute trough the organization values, rules and principles that guides the work and company positions in relation to the market.

A careful re-evaluation of the Vorporate Governance system is made annually, with objective of verify and identify the need of structural adjustments that may be required by changes in the market or conquered positions.

Human Capital

To succeed in its goals, Zeppini Group believes and invests heavily in attract and retain its human capital.

The company’s program seeks to attract skilled professionals with potential to perform their activities, have interest in develop and grow in their careers, act collaboratively, and constantly seek to qualify its capacity to new challenges.

Mission / Vision / Values

Stand out in the management of its businesses seeking growth and profitability that guarantee the group’s perenniality through:
• Responsible and ethical action;
• For the quality, reliability and environmental protection of its products;
• Through constant portfolio innovation and;
• From a motivated team with high performance.

To be in a prominent position for the performance of the businesses in which we operate, with national and international recognition.

• Commitment – We are committed to complying with the laws and regulations of our business, acting correctly in all our relations. We strive for brand recognition by providing quality products and services with national and international certification standards.
• Respect – We treat and listen to all our customers, suppliers and employees with education, encouraging clear and honest communication, and honoring the commitments assumed while maintaining a relationship of trust between the parties.
• Entrepreneurship – We have strong inspiration to make dreams come true, with perseverance to overcome challenges. The essence of our business is to endeavor, innovate and improve products and processes generating customer value and growth for our business.
• Result – We work focused on achieving our objectives and goals, through the integrated management of the teams and the development and appreciation of our human capital.

Quality Policy

The Zeppini Group seeks continuous and sustained growth of its business in the national and international markets with a focus on results and competitiveness.

Commit to the satisfaction of stakeholders by meeting applicable requirements.

Values and ensures the continuous improvement of processes, products and services, providing appropriate resources to be recognized as providers of the best solutions to the market.