Sustainable initiatives and social involvement:

In addition to its commercial activities that are directly related to the topic, with the development of new technologies and solutions for environmental protection, sustainability is an integral part of the programs developed by Zeppini Group , which has a Sustainability and Efficiency Committee in its administrative structure, responsible for review the process of production, marketing, relationship and waste disposal by the company.

The Zeppini Group seeks the involvement of its staff, who are asked to contribute with ideas that allow activities to be developed with more efficiency and contribute to improving the quality of life and reduction of social differences.

In recent years several initiatives were performed, including the implementation of the largest private solar station at the company headquarter, which generates power for offices and manufacturing facilities, installation of software for automatic control of the company’s industrial park and an internal program have been implemented reuse of waste.

The company also develops social responsibility activities in partnership with charities institutions, collecting food or resources for these institutions or promoting and publicizing their work.

Sustainable Commitment

In addition to developing technologies that contribute directly to sustainable practices, the Zeppini Group seeks to improve its processes and include in its activities actions that allow the rational use of supplies.

Suppliers of our companies are also encouraged to share our vision about sustainability, to implement into their business initiatives with the goals of promoting sustainability and social inclusion.

Social Involvement

The Zeppini Group include in its activities, actions that promote social inclusion, among the main examples is the Young Apprentice Program actively integrated to the company structure, which seeks to include young people who are at the beginning of their professional career in activities that allow accumulating knowledge and prepare them so that they can participate competitively in the labor market.

The Group also promotes care actions in the events in which it participates and organizes leading food, resources, and promoting the initiatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations.