One Group, many initiatives – Know more about Zeppini Group:

Established in 1950, Zeppini Group is a global reference in the áreas of Petrol Stations, Civil Construction and Metallurgy. Currently, the brasilian Group, holding of the companies Zeppini Ecoflex and Hydro Z, is present in over 80 countries worldwide.

The Zeppini Group provides through the company Zeppini Ecoflex, a full range of equipments of environmental protection to Petrol Stations, being one of the leaders and pioneers of its industry around the world, and trough the company Hydro Z two products lines used on the Civil Construction Market, one of the with equipments for wastewater treatment as oily, sewage, grease, among other effluents, and another line of products for hydraulic systems.

Throughout its history the Zeppini Group has established itself as a leader in its markets , and through partnerships, acquisitions and development of new products, has led to consumers around the world the best solutions.

With practices of a family organization , entrepreneurship, professional management structure, and constant pursuit for new business opportunities, the Zeppini Group seeks to perpetuate its business through sustainable growth, offering its customers the best range of products and services.


How we think

We understand that our companies must be an integral part of society. Must participate as an active part, and cooperate with it in their needs and in particular their expectations.

This integration allow us to continue upgrade on values ​​and behavior patterns sensitive to the society, which provide us continue update of our operations through:

  • Development and improvement of our products and services;
  • Continue adequacy of our processes;
  • Constant training of our employees;
  • Innovation in our business practices;
  • Explore synergies between each of our businesses;
  • Deepening of our social projects;
  • Expansion of sustainable initiatives.