With a new face to the world

Zeppini Group unveils new website to facilitate communication with the market.

In late January the Zeppini Group presents its first news of 2014, its new page on the internet that allows visitors to get to know in a new way the details about the group of companies and its activities.

The update lets visitors know the information of the companies that are part of the Group, its policies and philosophies of work. In addition the site also has an area of news, reserved to concentrate informations of recent happenings involving the companies of the Group.

The Group invested so that the site was developed with the latest technologies available, one of its features is to allow the content to adjust according to the size of the screen wich its being displayed, which makes easier and more enjoyable the visitation on mobile devices as smartphones and tablets.

The interaction with the visitor was a major concern during the development as explains the Marketing Manager of the Zeppini Group, Solange Fernandez “The site has been designed so that visitors could find information easily, on the website it is possible to know the Zeppini Group, access the social networks of each company, know news and contact us very simply, we are sure that visitors will have a pleasant experience. ”

Por contar com parceiros e consumidores espalhados por mais de 80 países ao redor do mundo, outro aspecto importante é que todo o conteúdo está disponível em inglês e espanhol.

By relying on partners and customers across over than 80 countries around the world, another important aspect is that all content is available in English and Spanish.

Visit the new Zeppini Group website at: www.grupozeppini.com.br